The causes of dental implant failures

Dental implantation concept
Successful results of the dental implant treatment have attracted a growing number of patients, each of them finds a solution to his/her problems of a beautiful smile and dental health restoration. However, there are 1-2% cases when an implant does not survive. To find out what kind of cases, and whether there are some similarities between them in the causes that lead to the implant failure, it is necessary to clearly answer the question about the reasons.  Such reasons may include the following situation.

1. Implant failure is due to a chronic disease exacerbation, which was not detected during the preliminary examination and diagnostics or occurred for the first time after dental implant procedure.

2. An implant surgeon may violate a protocol of the procedure, ignore the inflammation of peri-implant tissue or select incorrect dental implant technique for a given clinical situation due to his low level of skills or inattention to dental implant process.

3. The type of the selected implant does not correspond to the state of the bone tissue, which means that the osseointegration process may be impaired and never occur.

4. Implant overload or jaw bone trauma in post-implantation period, the breach of the dentist’s recommendations about the implant loading.

5. Poor oral hygiene and care of the implant after its placement, which increases the risk of the inflammation in the area of the dental ​​implant procedure.

6. Failure to adhere the doctor’s prescriptions after the dental implant procedure, or discontinuing or taking drugs without consulting with a specialist.

It is impossible to list all the reasons that may lead to  the implant failure  in each individual case, we can establish  the basic laws and situations that lead to a 100% failure rate of implants, but can not exclude  any particular reactions of each organism. However, such situations are extremely rare if you follow all the rules of the dental implant procedure and the doctor’s recommendations with all responsibility.

The signs of the implant failure are always a prolonged and growing pain or rather severe pain, possible bleeding or pus from the wound, inflammation, swelling, discoloration of the gums. These symptoms may arise not only immediately after the dental implant procedure in a few days but in a few months or even years.

To avoid such complications, it is important to carefully consider the choice of the dentist and dental clinics, which you can completely trust your health. The professionalism and adherence to the rules of asepsis and antisepsis both by staff and dentists are   one of the essential guarantees of the successful treatment.

What to do if symptoms of the implant failure have confirmed? The first thing to do is to consult a doctor, the implant will be removed and the dental prosthetics is performed by means of another technique after the treatment and healing of the inflammation. Dental re-implantation is possible, if the cause of the failure is determined. If these causes are insurmountable, the dental re-implantation is not recommended.