The healing process of one-stage dental implants

stages of implantationOne-stage dental implants successfully took their place in modern restorative dentistry, replacing a traditional two-stage dental implant technique with delayed loading. The one-stage procedure requires 4-6 months for implant osseointegration. The prosthetic teeth are placed only on successfully osseointegrated implants. This technique involves placing implants and dentures during one visit to the dentist.

It has become popular because it requires a small amount of time-less then an hour and performed under local anesthesia. The one-stage dental implant procedure allows to restore the load on the teeth at once and get the aesthetic result due to the temporary crown. The temporary crown is replaced by a permanent one and the process of implant and denture placement is considered complete after the healing period which takes from 3 to 5 months.

However, it is important to follow all the indications and contraindications before taking the decision to perform the one-stage dental implant surgery. The absolute contraindications are the same as for the other dental implant techniques. The relative contraindications are common for all techniques, but they have to be eliminated. For example, smoking as a relative contraindication, is incompatible with dental implants, but it can be eliminated by giving up it at least a week before surgery.

The indications are the following: extraction of the tooth when treatment is impossible; partial or full edentia, limited time to restore the dentition defect in the  ​​smile zone; emergency dental prosthetics. It is also important to consider the conditions necessary for the one-stage procedure.

– Satisfactory state of health of the whole organism.

– appropriate parameters of bone volume required for successful osseointegration.

– sufficient gum tissue for proper suturing.

– sufficient number of healthy teeth to reduce the load on the newly placed  implant.

Thus, it necessary to strictly adhere to certain conditions for successful osseointegration of dental implants. If these conditions are not observed, the one-stage procedure is  impossible, as it slows down dental  implant healing and causes complications requiring prolonged treatment. With the one-stage procedure dental implant healing  requires a good state of bone, implants of 13-16 mm length, a sufficient amount of keratinizied gnigiva, the presence of a number of teeth to prevent loosening of the newly installed ones. When following all the rules, dental implant healing is quick and painless besides it has a number of advantages.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants emphasize such advantages as  short-term procedure, absence of trauma-related cuts of the gum, smaller doses of pain medication, a quick adaptation period  after dental  implant placemen, smile restoration  for a minimum period of time, high survival rate and moderate cost of the procedure. The service life of one-stage implants with proper placement and care is the same as of traditional ones