The strength of the implant system – the strength of trust.

It is difficult to argue that a very strong argument in a successful dental implant process is the experience and professionalism of the team of specialists you have applied to. They make a decision, take responsibility for the outcome of treatment, put great efforts to return the beauty and ease of a smile comfortably and without any complications. But do not forget that the same important role in dental implant procedure plays the choice of a dental implant system. Only at first glance at a very careless attitude to the subject of dental implant procedure it may seem that all implants are the same. Of course, there are many unique differences and they all affect the success of the final result.

At the modern stage of the development of dental implantology there are already hundreds of implant systems on the dental market. How not to  get lost in this variety? What is a durable and a reliable implant system? What should you first pay attention to, making a serious choice?

For a start, it would be optimal to clarify whether the manufacturer can afford to pursue long-term clinical studies focused on studying the “work” of implants “in real-life conditions”, in other words to check, declared during the development, characteristics of the implants. In addition to such reliable clinical studies the following parameters of implant systems are very important, they affect their survival, strength and comfort during the treatment process:

– Materials and equipment for manufacturing, guaranteeing high quality.

– Accessibility and attention of a customer service, information support at all stages.

– Resource allocation and mandatory participation in evidence-based researches.

– The ongoing search for the latest technological developments.

– The opinion of implant surgeons about the convenience of work with this implant system.

Multifunctionality – a possibility of use in case of various indications, or, on the contrary, very strict indications, for which a unique implant system has been developed. In this regard, it is important to clarify all the structural features required in each clinical case and discuss them with the dentist.

Successful osseointegration and service life, which are also provided by the characteristics of design and quality of material. It is also affected by the characteristics of implant surface and the material from which both the implant and the coating are made of.  The presence of roughness, pores and uneven surface create optimal conditions for the best survival rate of the implant.

All implant systems certainly have these characteristics in a varying degree, but it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to produce implants, taking into account all mentioned above, provides the strength and reliability of this system. The company Bio3 Implants produces such implant systems, strength and reliability have been proven not only by clinical trials, but also by many years of experience of implant surgeons.  A good specialist selects the optimal implant system, and implants of Bio3 Implants can safely be called a system, which ensures the strength as the health of the patient and his confidence in doctors.