The use of individual abutments

Abatment Alpha DentIt is impossible to imagine modern dental implantology without such a unique element of implant design as an abutment. A patient has no idea about this structure, before taking a decision of dental implantation. However, when it raises a question of teeth restoration, the choice of abutment as well as high-quality dental implants, high-class professional implantologists, dental implant techniques is very important, because the efficiency and success of treatment depend greatly on these factors.

Abutments can be different as well as the purposes of dental prosthetics. Abutment is a connector which placed or build into the top of the dental implant and connects the implant to the replacement tooth or teeth. They differ in size, material, shape, diameter and angle inclination relative to the implant. Abutments can be standard which are machine made, and individual or casted abutments, which are made to order taking into account bite and all the features of the patient.

Before fabricating a personal abutment, it is simulated using computer program from a variety of materials, choosing the shape, size and diameter on pre-made casts and measurements. The choice of material depends on the tasks that are put before the implantologist, the wishes of the patient and denture design. All these factors affects its cost.

Fabrication of the individual abutment is more creative and cost-based process, that is why its cost is higher than the cost of standard one. There are some cases when standard abutments are not used. And in such cases, orthopedists, in the first place, recommend not to save on individual abutments. Why?

The fact that the personal abutment is used in such cases when  it is more effective solution to the problems of dental restorations, when the situation is not quite a classic and requires more precise control of both aesthetic and functional results of dental implant procedure, that is, in more complex cases of  treatment when standard abutments “will not cope.” Thus, the main advantages of these abutments are their anatomical design and individuality. The results of dental implantation using individual abutments:

– complete reproduction of natural gingival contour;

– precise edge positioning of the soft tissue of subgingival area, surrounding the implant;

– absence of  cement excesses  under the gum as a result of the crown placing on the abutment, which reduces the risk of peri-implantitis.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants, knowing the complexity of abutment selection for better prosthetic results, affirm that all modern systems are available for dental technicians to fabricate individual abutments and it gives more possibilities to select individual abutments for the implant of any system, to improve the process of dental implantation  and prosthetics and expand implantologists’ opportunities.