What dental implants are better?

One of the most difficult issues in modern dental implants is a matter of choice of the best implant. It interests both implantologists and patients who have decided   to resort to dental treatment by means of restorative dentistry. The question in all its simplicity is actually quite complicated. The fact that it is almost impossible to answer it definitely, since the correct answer for each patient and implantologist  in different clinical situations will vary depending on the individual tasks  of treatment  and many factors affecting its outcome.

Today the market of dental implants offers a very wide range of implant systems from many manufacturers, each of them presents their implants as the best option. For example, choosing cylindrical implants, you will have to choose between dozens of well-known manufacturers. All of these companies have powerful research centers, long-term history, traditions and each company is serious about the obligatory presence of clinical site network, that, together with a selection of high quality material for the implant production in the form of titanium alloys, proves the high quality of implants of these manufacturers. What should the virtual consumer do in such a case? What to choose if the price is not the determining criterion?

1. It is important to listen carefully to the opinion of the implantologist on the first consultation, as only he can answer the question about the appropriate implant for you. In addition, the doctor is guided by his professional experience with various implant systems.

2. The material of the implant should be inert, i.e. not to engage in active biological processes after the implant placement and maintain its structure as long as possible. Nowadays it can be provided by titanium alloys, zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide.

3. The stability of implants to loading, repeated from year to year also, says about its functional qualities, which means a comfortable participation of denture in the chewing process and the durability of the whole structure.

4. The implant should be universal, i.e. has a property to be suitable for different superstructures, and hence to replace all components in case of their failure: abutments, healing abutments, removable bridge structures.

Well, we can definitely say that the best has been already invented and enough well known. However, it is due to its popularity it is worth being careful about false implants. The well-known and best-selling brands try to do in the first place. Therefore, the choice of high-level clinic and a good specialist, collaborating with reliable and time-tested manufacturers, will protect you from mistakes in the choice of quality implant.

The company Bio3 Implants ensures the quality and reliability of its products, hoping that you, while choosing a quality implant, will simultaneously select “golden hands” of the implantologist for the best result. And the last factor of choice – the price which is adequate to the quality.