When the form has a meaning

Bio3 Implants Smile

Inventing new technologies and thus creating the future, the company Bio3 Implants draws attention to such important aspects of the production of dental implants as a beautiful design, a convenient way to use and ergonomic shape. And if the first two components of technological innovations always guarantee a successful implementation in life, the form and its influence on the convenience and comfort for both dentists and patients should be discussed separately.

The company helps professionals to get everything they need for a successful dental implantation. It is important to learn from nature when making dental implants and use already invented and proven by life forms and processes. The specialists of the company do it successfully  using all the modern scientific achievements in their field.

Therefore it is in our interest to tell patients with the maximum convenience about the type and shape of the implant in order to facilitate making decision and help them to make the right choice in favor of health and beauty.

Speaking about the structure of the implants at first it is important to focus on its design.

As the implant – a rod that is composed of a material biocompatible with human tissue and it is necessary as a support for a dental prosthesis, it must have an optimal bioergonomical structure and does not break the natural processes of bone formation in the adaptation period, so its structure includes the following components:

  1. The part above the surface of the gums which is attached an artificial tooth to.
  1. The pin with thread for easy placing and fixing in the jaw bone.
  1. Connecting neck (cervix).

All three components provide the most physiological restoration of  tooth loss and the formation of natural dentition.

Also while choosing you should pay attention to the fact that constructions can be bi-component and one-component implants.

For one-step implantation is used unsorted (one-component) construction. Two – component implant is used when there is the possibility of a phased implantation. This method provides complete immersion of the implant in the bone with subsequent formation of mucosa which covers it. Bio3 implants are suitable for all types of bone and they are characterized by a large variety of length and width, providing individual approach to the treatment of each patient. Wide choice of elements of Bio 3 system solves arising clinical problems at the same time taking into account aesthetic problems.

And, of course, we should remember that to become familiar with aspects of using of one or another form or type of dental implant in each unique case it necessarily requires individual consultation with a specialist, and the company as one of the leading manufacturers of dental implants always supports and advises their clients.