Which dental implants are better?

When the decision about undergoing an implantation procedure is made many people face questions like: Which dental implants is it better to install? Which of them are the best? To help you find answer for these questions we offer you this article where criteria of choosing dental implants are laid down from professionals’ and specialists’ points of view. In the beginning we give you a list of main characteristics of implants and then review each of them in details:bio3-Implants 1.      Quality of material 2.      Physiological form 3.      Correct design 4.      Service age 5.      Esthetics 6.      Price 7.      Manufacturer and brand Quality of material   Material that the implant is made of is the most important element in the question of quality. In distant 1952 a Swiss professor named Ingvar Branemark was researching properties of titanium and he discovered, that this metal is not rejected by human body, successfully integrates with bone tissues (osteo-integration), does not produce negative effects on human physiology, and as well is resistant to environmental influence. Thus, namely titanium implants are the best what modern science and technology can offer. However, it is not enough to put hopes only on titanium’s properties. Bio3 Implants Company has successfully developed implants with new 3D Active cover that increases quality and accelerates the process of osteo-integration. It is clinically proved that implants with such cover adhere better with bone and also give a possibility to predict results in a long term prospect. Physiological form   The form of implant was as well a reason for intense and long research that has its own history. Naturally, it is easier to imagine that an implant, which is made to replace natural teeth of a person, must resemble their form. Thus, a dental root shape would be the most logical solution of the question. However, in 1964 professor L. Linkov has made a little bit different offer: to shape an implant as a wide sheet. That implant is pretty bulky and to install it a serious intrusion is required and its survival rate is lower. Nevertheless, his method is still used in some distant parts of Russia. The doctors were also offered such variants as subperiostal (is placed upon the bone) and interbone (goes right through the bone) implants. Their advantage is that they could be used under minimal volume of jawbone and did not require jaw plastic surgery. But they also do not provide a good result. These days namely tooth root shape of implant, the one that Bio3 Implants Company always uses, is perfectly matching all patients and cases. Correct design   When talking about dental implant design it concerns not only the way it looks like, as in this area functionality of an implant also depends on its design. Growth of jawbones around the artificial tooth is an important process necessary for its survival. Therefore, Bio3 Implants Company produces implants with conic form, which best of all fixates on the bone, and special microscopic sulci that are later filled with bone tissues thus giving maximum adherence in short terms. Moreover a special double screw allows doctor and patient to reach a perfect esthetics by correcting the angulation of implant. Corona of Bio3 Implants Company’s product as well has got special designer choices as it plays a big part in growth of gum and bone tissues around it. A polished surface is not allowed as it contributes to dissolution of bones. Because of that corona of implant has a screw that supports soft tissues around itself giving them more space and better basis. Durability   Unfortunately, the age of service of a dental implant is not constant. However, if it is installed by a professional and the quality of the implant and the instruments, used during the procedure, are high and if the patient fulfils all prescriptions of caring for the “new” tooth then one implant will serve you the whole life. So, for instance, already mentioned Ingvar Branemark’s first patient Swiss Gusta Larsson, carpenter by profession, without any difficulties has lived through his life with implants. Proper care for artificial teeth is as well required as for your own teeth. The difference is that after installation the person usually will visit the doctor once per three month in first year after surgery and twice per year later for a check and professional cleaning of implant. Sometimes the upper part of an implant can wear out or even break, but replacing it is not a problem. Quality of titanium, which was used to make the implant, affects its hardness. Quality of “tooth’s” production terms and its installation directly influences on the age of service as it stipulates availability of servicing and hygiene cleaning. Esthetics   Installing an artificial tooth for recovering function of lost one is not the only purpose of implantation. Doctor must also perform a list of actions to make the implant look absolutely like natural teeth. It is unacceptable to install an implant that in any way differs from natural teeth or is visibly dissociable from them. The implant-abutment-corona complex must be in a total harmony to provide such an effect. Doctor must have a big variety of standard and individual prosthetic instruments and, of course, a high-quality implant. Price   The price of product depends on the class of implant, which can be premium, middle or economy. Bio3 Implants Company offers implants of German premium quality class. We provide a lifelong warranty for our products, as we are sure in their quality. Manufacturer and brand   Companies that produce goods in the area of implantation are aiming to achieve international recognition and development of a brand in company. Leading manufacturers are sure in the quality of their products so they do not just present them on market but provide also permanent maintenance and additional services. Bio3 Implants is exactly that kind of a company. Doctors who acquire our products get a possibility to receive consultations on news, technology and equipment. Apart from that, change warranty allows them to perform exchange of unsuccessful implants in mishaps for cost of clinic’s account. Thus, in this article we have laid down for you description of seven main criteria that play part when choosing implants. While choosing which way to go consider being very careful and meticulous, because if you fulfill all necessary recommendations and the quality of materials is high then an implant is once for the whole life thing. Remember that when making a choice over a long term things it is better to spend more energy and resources but to get a quality, warranty, assurance, comfort and high level servicing from the best professionals.  

We wish you to make a right choice!