Why do you need the oral irrigator after dental implant procedure?

One of the conditions for successful dental implantation is the proper home care of implants in the postoperative period and during the period of their service life. The whole process of dental implant care and oral hygiene after dental implant surgery includes only tooth brushing using a toothbrush, dental floss or mouth irrigator. You need a brush to clean  teeth and implants at least twice a day, dental  floss is used to clean interdental spaces, and what is the oral irrigator and what is its function? It is a mean of oral hygiene, which is specifically designed for careful removal of food and plaque in hard to reach places and for the treatment and prevention of gum diseases, thus improving blood circulation in the soft tissues during their massage. Of course, dental  implants – are, first of all, a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums for a long period of life, if you follow strictly  all doctor’s recommendations about the special attention and care of  implants and dentures when cleaning.  These are the parts of the structure, which project over the edge of the gums and fit to it. The oral irrigator is used to follow all these factors as much as possible. Thanks to this device, the oral hygiene improves, the gums become strengthened, the risk of inflammatory processes significantly reduces, that is necessary to avoid such a complication as the implant failure. It is important to remember that any implant designs as well as natural teeth are subject to dental diseases in the absence of proper care. And we are not talking about caries but, for example, periodontitis and more complex pathological conditions. On the basis of these observations, the dentist will recommend you to buy the oral irrigator which is necessary for those places where the toothbrush is powerless. According to the experience of implantology it is indispensable to clean the artificial crowns and dentures or implant-supported dentures. The oral irrigator is a device, which must be filled with water or special liquid, which is supplied by the device under high pressure, that enables to clean hard to reach areas of the mouth and massage gums, improving their trophism. If such a device was previously only in dental clinics, today it is available for each patient after the dental implant procedure. According to the results of clinical trials this device really cleans the mouth from the bacteria causing gum and oral cavity diseases, and plays a significant role in the success of the implant survival and prevents the development of peri-implantitis. It means that the implantologist will recommend you to use the oral irrigator in order that the implants may serve comfortably and for a long time. It is also an important condition of the hygienic care in the postoperative period for the osseointegration process. The cost of this device is available and the possibility to change tips gives the opportunity to all members of the family to use it and not only after the dental implant procedure. Producing high-quality implants, the company Bio3 Implants also shares the opinion of dentists that proper dental implant care prolongs its service life and creates the conditions for it to be lifelong.