Zirconium abutments – are there any advantages?

Abatment – is one of the main parts of modern implant system, which is an adapter between the implant integrated in the jawbone and the visible upper part of the crown, and provides a possibility for a thorough and harmonious interaction of all parts of the structure. The abutments can be of different types, depending on the indication and application tasks, they also differ in material they are made of, shape, size, diameter and angulation to the implant.

When choosing the abutment it is important firstly to decide on a goal in this clinical case of implantation, as the implants can be standard, which are produced according to standard parameters, and individual that are made taking into account the uniqueness of this particular case of tooth restoration. The individual abutment can also be made of a material at customer’s option by means of computer based simulation.

The standard abutment will be cheaper than the individual one, but it’s worth thinking twice before saving money on the health. The fact that when producing an individual abutment, all the nuances are considered, which can arise during dental implantation in each unique case. Besides the  individual abutment enables to achieve the most successful implantation results in aesthetic terms, since in this case the implant surgeon can do abutment milling, whereupon  it  ideally suits  the gingival margin.

What else except its individuality affects the quality and aesthetic characteristics of the abutment? Primarily it is a material and a structure. Today, there are a lot of high-quality materials for the production of abutments. Titanium, zirconium, ceramic abutments and abutments of the other metals are widely used. But in this article we will talk about individual zirconium abutments. If  titanium abutments are used in all clinical situations, due  to its stability and optimal value, the  zirconium ones  are often  chosen  when it is  important to solve  aesthetic  problem. They are made using high-tech injector casting that provides high quality and durability.  Zirconium abutments can be a component of one-piece construction with the implant as well as all kinds of abutments.

Bio3 Implants company produces a wide range of premium superstructures, including individual abutments, which optimally take into account anatomical and functional features in each unique case. Individual abutment enables to continue dental implant procedure at a high level thanks to Bio3 implants and to finish it successfully, having restored the aesthetics of a beautiful smile. The choice between zirconium or titanium abutments is made by competent implant surgeons who will be guided by your wishes in the solution of aesthetic problems of implant treatment.