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Bio3 Bone/Beta Bone/Synthetics

The material for bone regeneration


Synthetic bone graft substitute

Allomaterial for bone regeneration

Osteoplastic material made of bull bone





Natural osteoplastic material made of highly purified bull bone

Bio3 Bone


Bio3 Bone is a safe, according to BSE, transplantation material from Germany which has no cell elements and protein at all. For Bio3 Bone production a technology of gradual multi-level cleaning of spongy and cortical bone tissue CTS is used together with high-temperature processing method. These production processes permit to remove all organic components from the material and exclude any potential immune reactions onset.

Bio3 Bone 500 -1000 – possesses osteogenic properties and high biological compatibility with strongly marked hydrophilic properties. Due to a three-dimensional porous structure of hydroxiapatite of biological origin (of trabecular and diaphysial tubular bone parts) it promotes angiogenesis, bone marrow stem cell migration as well as fast penetration of blood proteins into micropores which, in their turn, are temporary reservoirs for proteins assembly that precipitate their growth.

Allogenic osteoplastic material obtained from donor bone

Bio3 Beta Bone

Bio3 Beta Bone is an allogenic osteoplastic material obtained from donor bone which is processed in the Tissue Bank certified by the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany and accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks. Allotransplant Bio3 Beta Bone is adapted to a human organism best of all according to its biochemical composition, this is an alternative to patient’s autogenic bone.

In the course of manufacturing multiple stage processing method is used (vacuum, ultrasound, lyophilisation, gamma sterilization), this method provides total safety of the allomaterial.

Usage of the allomaterial Bio3 Beta Bone permits excluding complications, contaminations, painfulness, temporary losing of donor site bone function. The material is sterile and totally safe, since bone material lyophilisation decreases its antigenic power to the maximum. The material for the future allotransplant goes through a lot of examination and processing stages starting from potential donor examining as for neoplastic and contagious disease presence (autopsy, serologic testing), the materials are examined as for pathogen presence.

Bio3 Beta Bone possesses osteoinductive properties, bone demineralization increases osteogenic potential greatly releasing a component which evokes bone growth and is called BMP (bone morphogenetic protein). It has microporous macrostructure and high biological regenerative potential.

Synthetic bone graft substitute Bio3 Synthetics



Bio3 Synthetics 500 – 1000 – it is a safe and secure material. Bone homogeneous structure helps to form new bone tissue and ensures its long-term mechanical stability.

High osteoconductivity of Bio3 Synthetics is achieved due to high porosity (80%) with a pore size of 200 to 800 µm and their interconnected structure.

The high microporosity of Bio3 Synthetics is an ideal framework for accelerating the growth of osteogenic cells and it optimally promotes the regeneration of bone tissue. This material is not less effective than materials derived from bovine bone. It is easy to use and it has good resorbability, retains volume and mechanical stability. Resorption process and material integration has 2 phases: during 3-6 months there is beta-tricalcium phosphate regeneration, and then hydroxyapatite integration.

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