Bio3 Implants celebrates debut at IDS


COLOGNE, Germany: Bio3 Implants, a new company specialising in dental and implantology products, has made its first public appearance at an international trade fair at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. At the last day of IDS, Dental Tribune Online spoke with Michael Golzman, Vice President of Business Developments at Bio3 Implants, to learn more about this new brand and its products.

Michael Golzman, Vice President of Business Development at Bio3 Implants

Michael Golzman, Vice President of Business Development at Bio3 Implants in an interview with Dental Tribune Online. (Photograph: Martin Bauer, DTI)

“IDS is the best place to be for a dental company, especially if you are exhibiting for the first time, said Golzmann. “IDS is the biggest dental exhibition and there are many manufacturers. Therefore, you have to stand out to be remembered by the dentists who visit this show.”

Bio3 implants has developed its own system of implants with conic fitting, which aims to facilitate the process of implantation. The titanic surface of the company‘s implants is anodised. The oxide layer of the surface is 10 to 15 micron thick. Moreover, the oxide film of titan is treated with bioactive polymer calcium hydroxyapatite that is widely used in osteoplastic surgery. Another advantage is the hydrophilic micropore structure of the surfaces.

Since September 2014 researchers at the University of Cologne have been conducting a comprehensive analysis of the company’s implant surfaces as part of a larger study. The preliminary study report, titled “Quantitative and qualitative element-analysis of implant-surfaces by SEM and EDX” was published recently in the 1/2015 issue of the European Journal for Dental Implantologists. The researchers concluded that Bio3’s Implant Advanced implant showed a high precision of the outer geometry.

“At our company, we pay attention to every small detail – regarding products, packaging, and also the way we present ourselves. We provide implants with good quality at a reasonable price and, with this concept, we aim to become one of the leasing brands in the market,” Golzmann stated.

The head office and production of Bio3 Implants are based in Germany, with operations and activity on a global basis. “We are looking for dealers all over the world,” Golzmann said.

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