New FreeForm Abutments

Endless Opportunities of Precise Denture Treatment

Imaging the situation: you have placed an implant to your patient and the operative stage is completed. Most often you don’t know what abutment will be placed at the denture treatment stage. It is so familiar and inconvenient, isn’t it? This is why the company Bio3 Implants offers a solution, which is even better than an individual abutment.

Premium abutment – totally simple template

    The template has the width of 10mm and the height of 20mm, which makes it universal.


    Such an individual abutment is made by a special highly-precise machine.


    As a result, making a denture with any diameter, height, shape, and inclination angle is possible.


    The template has a conic platform, an implant-abutment connection optimal for hermetical fixation.


The premium abutment, or FreeForm, gives you a singular advantage. You make a denture with an individual eruption contour, independently from the mesiodistal crown inclination. Thus, you are adjusting the procedure of dental restoration with the patient, but not vice versa. What about the price?

– It remains the same at much greater opportunities.

A singular advantagean individual eruption contour

Are you ready to adjust implantation with the patient, but not vice versa?

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