German Bio3 Implants System Philosophy

Every day our team tries to make dental implantation better and your work more convenient.

So, this is our own philosophy based on three dental implantology backgrounds.


1 of 3 Biocompability

Titanium alloy of the implant is highly durable and absolutely biologically compatible with the human bones and tissues.


2 of 3 Impermeability

Bio3 implants have advanced cone connection with the internal hex. This provides an accurate connection of the abutment with the implant, which influence positively on durability of permanent dental prosthesis. The cone 12* provides this connection with perfect adherence and sealing capacity.  

The cone connection is absolutely resistant to bacteria. It also shows nice results as for compression reduction in the implant cervical part.


3 of 3 Osseointegration

High osseointegration level

The surface of Bio3 Implants is the most advanced dental implant surface. It is active and water-retaining. The expanded surface area provides an ideal connection between the bone and implant surface. Due to this benefit, the implant has high initial durability and fast osseointegration.




3 dental implantology backgrounds

Bio3 Implants – It’s Natural!