10th Vietnam International Dental Exhibition and Congress – VIDEC 10

For the tenth time Hanoi has united many dentists from all over the world at the International Dental exhibition-congress VIDEC 10, which was held from 23 to 25 August 2017 in Vietnam. Many dentists and various manufacturers of dental equipment have attended this event – more than 2000 participants attended the exhibition-congress, among which also was the Bio3 Implants team.

VIDEC 10 is the most high-prestige congress in the branch of odontology in Vietnam. The exhibition has gathered more than 200 delegates, 1500 practitioners from Vietnam and other countries; a huge number of advanced technologies and materials have been presented by foremost providers in the branch of odontology, such as France, USA, Germany and other countries.

Here we have lifted the veil and uncovered a secret through presenting the novelties that will be available everywhere soon. Another great remembrance is the communication with you and many new business contacts.

As a remembrance about an impressing trip to the International congress, we offer you a fresh photoset and hope that you will be on the photos next time. See you soon!