Surgical Kit Bio 3

The set of dental instruments Bio3 includes a full range of tools necessary for carrying out dental surgical operations on implantation.

surgical kit

Contents of the set allows you to perform installation of two types of implants, with standard and wide platforms, without any difficulties and in a short period of time.

Such surgical sets are very comfortable for doctors as they comprise everything needed, are easily portable, compact what allows to move them from place to place if necessary without the risk of losing, damaging or exposing the instruments to influence of environment’s negative effects.

Thus, acquiring this set of instruments doctors receive the following list of advantages:

  • 1
    Complete range of instruments for operations with implants in one set and from one manufacturer what means that they can be combined perfectly.
  • 2
    German quality of premium class of all the instruments included in the set and a lifelong warranty for them.
  • 3
    Simplification of work process, economy of time, enhanced quality of operation performance.
  • 4
    Available and comfortable service and maintenance for all clients of the company in any country all over the world.


All the instruments included in this set are manufactured in accordance with all international standards from materials of high quality and can be constantly used without the need for additional servicing.

In everyday dental practice connected with implants having our set will unequivocally easy up, accelerate and optimize work of a doctor which will in its turn grant a possibility to have more time for achieving their personal goals.

Conical Drills

The conical surgical drills without internal cooling of various diameters with diamond like coating

For bone cavity formation


Drill Stoppers

Stoppers for drills of various length,diameter – 2.0mm and 2.8mm

For drilling depth limit

Countersinks & Supporting Instruments


  • 1
    Profile drills (P3.2/3/.75)
    For compression removing in cortical layer
  • 2
    Profile drills (P4.2/5.0)
    For compression removing in cortical layer
  • 3
    Drill Extension (ED)
  • 4
    Direction indicator x2. (PPL)
    For socket direction and depth definition
  • 5
    Implant Driver Adapter (ITS9/ITB9)
  • 6
    Implant Driver Adapter (ITS18/ITB18)

Supporting Instruments

  • 7
    Adapter-implant drivers for ratchet wrench
  • 8
    Hand Universal Screwdriver for Screws 9 mm and 18 mm
    For prosthetic screws, abutments, healing caps and implant’s plugs
  • 9
    Implant Drives 9 mm and 18 mm.
    It is used for Ratchet Wrench
  • 10
    Depthometer, mucosa hight indicator
  • 11
    Ratchet Wrench
  • 12
    Ratchet -Torque combination, pull 10/45H

    *Option is not included in the set