7 sins of dental clinic marketing

Is it hard to attract new patients? Do you have many competitors while your ads are not effective? In this article you can find 7 mistakes of dental clinic marketing.

1. Lack of metrics
It is very important to check the number of regular customers, the number of those who refused to receive dental treatment in your dental office and the number of prospective customers. Also, you can calculate the efficiency of your advertisements.

2. Lack of target audience analysis
You should create the portrait of your perfect customer. You should know his or her age, place of living, income, the list of services he or she could buy and how much money he or she could spend. You can find original plan for every group of customers. You should make adequate advertisements based on your customer’s portrait.

3. Magic pill
You should understand one simple rule – there is no magic pill. Only one avenue of promotion would not bring 100% efficiency. It is vital to create great marketing strategy on the basis of some advantages of  dental office and demands of your target audience. In other words, try to find out the problem of your customer and to solve it better than you competitors.

4. Time
Spontaneous and not regular campaigns are bad way to create a strong dental clinic image. Your marketing plan should be aimed at brand recognition. That way, your customers will think about your dental clinic when require dental treatment. Analyze your advertisement campaigns results.

5. Overconfidence
With high competition level it is important to deal with professional marketers. You should not only find new customers but also create great image. Use the services of marketing agencies to analyze target audience and to create effective advertisements.

6. Procrastination
Set concrete objects and make the plan how to achieve them. Do it gradually. First, you should have convenient website with useful information for your patients. Such features as callback function and life chat are also great. Inform your patients about dental health and they will associate it with your dental clinic.

7. New marketing instruments
Not all new marketing tools would work for you as good as they work for your competitors. First, ask for advice from marketing agency and do some tests.

The conclusion:
There is no unified plan for every dental office. You should base your decisions on personal experience of professionals, regular testing and analysis. In addition, try to avoid someone else’s mistakes. We hope that you would achieve your goals!