Injury of inferior alveolar nerve part 2

In the last article, we have checked all the negative consequences and treatment methods of alveolar nerve trauma. Do we have any chances to avoid it?

Find out more information about useful preventive methods.

The first preventing method is to find its exact location of alveolar nerve. You can use densitometric CT. Note that the effectiveness of this method is confirmed by scientific research. Densitometric CT was determined right inferior alveolar nerve location in 75% of cases, while the panoramic X-rays in 60% showed wrong nerve depth. All dentist who deal with dental implant are obliged to have perfect knowledge of anatomy. Remember that the mandibular canal is quite complex structure. In all cases, channel forms a loop inside the bone. It is called the front loop of the mental nerve. In order to determine its location successfully you can use a blunt probe. It would help you to examine the front part of the vestibular surface. Comprehensive information about the mandibular canal anatomy is a key factor to avoid trauma. Local anesthesia may help you to avoid nerve trauma during dental implantation on molars. In case your patients would feel pain during drilling process it may indicate that you are very close to mandibular nerve. Remember where possible to avoid conductive anesthesia during dental implantation in the lower jaw. You can avoid inferior alveolar nerve trauma if you will chose the right size of dental implant. With short implant you increase your chances of not to damage mandibular nerve.

Now you know all the tricks that will help you to prevent inferior alveolar nerve trauma. With this knowledge, you will achieve more success in you practice and gain more confidence of your patients.