Case report of full mouth reconstruction (part 1)

Full mouth restoration with implants was precisely examined for last thirty years.  This wonder of modern dental implantology brings the new quality of life to patients. However, elaborate and intricate treatment plan is necessary for successful implantation. In addition, well-qualified dental surgeon with great experience is also vital.

Case report

A patient who was dissatisfied with aesthetic of denture reached out to Dr. Tayfun GÜNBAY. The patient had a partially absent of dentition.A previous dentist made the dental bridgeworks for this patient.  It was decider to remove these constrictions with natural teeth. It gave the opportunity to do full mouth restoration with immediate loading. The treatment plan also include 8 implant-supported denture placement using Bio3 implants. The implant bed was formed in the place of extracted teeth using standard Bio3 protocol. After all 8 implants were placed, the dentist put allogenic osteoplastic material for bone regeneration Bio3 Beta Bone and got the wound stitched. See the second part of this case report next week