Eliminating peri-implantitis with the use of Bio3 Brush

Peri-implantitis is definitely one of the most frequently encountered complications that occur after the dental implantation. It can emerge under the influence of numerous factors, but the most essential one is when the suitable oral care after implantation is not complied by the patient. This inflammation can cause an implant failure.

Peri-implantitis must be certainly cured. The undertaking of procedures is integrated due to the treatment delicacy and a high risk of recurrent disease. One of the means to eliminate peri-implantitis is the professional mechanical implant cleaning along with further therapeutic types. 

In such a clinical event dentist Yuri Bondar eliminates peri-implantitis by means of Bio3 Implants brushes. Bio3 Brush is a surgical instrument for thedental implant surface treatment in case of peri-implantitis. Dentist also fills the cavity with the osteoplastic material and applies a membrane. 

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