Bone regeneration one with difficult access, or “must have” for each dental implantologist

Eventually each dentist wonders: what properties of the bone graft are important to dental practice?

First, you should consider not only the biological and physical properties, but also the form of the material. The complexity of the case may be individual so that the selection of a certain type of graft. However, the experience of the operations have showed that  the main key factors od bone graft choosing are hydrophilic, high biocompatibility, ability to aggregate, as well as antigenic purity.

Dentist should remembered that the main tasks of any transplant are to create and hold retention of the necessary hard tissue volume.

A successful implantation depends upon the right properties and size if the bone graft material.

More and more dentists use Bio3 Beta Bone in complex cases because this material has all the mentioned qualities.

This clinical case requires the use of dental implant planning system, which pointed the location of the surgery. The decision was to place Bio3 Implants instead of extracted teeth. Those dental implants have a hydrophilic surface and a conical shape. They can easily penetrate into the bone tissue without damaging its structure.

Sinus lift and bone augmentation was performed in order to increase the stability of the implantation surgery. The Bio3 Beta Bone graft material was the best choice for that purpose.   The use of this material eliminates the complications, infection, and temporary loss of donors` bone. After the implants and membranes placement, the wound was sutured.